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Welcome to GUNKTVRECORDS.BANDCAMP.COM, we have 36 releases so far and counting, as well as quality limited Merch, coloring books/zines, Vinyl 12" LPs, and Cassette Tapes coming soon again. as well as creative new Merch always poping up, check out GUNKTVRECORDS.BLOGSPOT.COM for updates and news! Also for music videos and album playlist and contact me @, thanks for listening, enjoy!

-Zak Mering

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    With this tier you get either a Custom Song, produced just for you, or all the new items coming to the merch section for free!! As they're released and many cassette tapes and other types of merch are coming soon! New Cassette Tapes today! 4-2-16. Will also make custom mix CDRs of my favorite music for you, and mail them to you!
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